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Phantom V Distilling Company was founded in 2018 by five friends in Warrensburg, Missouri. What started off as a group of enthusiasts making their own wines at home is now a full-fledged distillery with a passion to make spirits that everyone can enjoy.


Winner of Missouri Magazine's Best Distillery 2020, 2021, 2022

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Beach Plum is a melody of fox grape softened by apple, pear, and citrus flavors. Fox grape thrives in sandy soil and covers large portions of Nantucket. Visitors to the island smell their plummy, foxy aroma blooming in the sandy fields, and see their woolly leaves climbing trellises of coastal homes. Late summer, they ripen to a deep purple hue, and are harvested by locals bearing their treasure in buckets like a treasure hunter. Just the name “fox grape” brings to mind the fable, “The Fox and the Grapes” with its moral being nothing comes easy without hard work. In this case Phantom V has done the hard work so you enjoy can Beach Plum knowing each batch has been hand crafted by the masters. Our passion is to bring you the unexpected and exceptional. Cheers to finding life’s treasures!

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookie was inspired by my grandmother’s amazingly chewy, but crispy oatmeal cookies. The simple old-fashioned recipe of brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, chewy oats, and that one secret ingredient takes me back to fond memories attached to the flavors…a football game. Touchdown Kansas City! A warm sweater and thick wool socks. Leaves scurrying down the street before the wind. The cold shiver from an arctic blast. The last warmth of the sun. Chilly mornings, and glorious warm afternoons. Memories so fresh you can almost taste grandma’s oatmeal cookies.

Memories fresh as a cut watermelon, and as colorful as their flushed pink flesh and striped green rind is the melody of summertime. Echoing, from the 60’s I hear a jazz tune, and the lyrics “Hot and bothered need a little cooling…” cool down by sipping on our refreshing and invigorating watermelon spirits served ice cold in a chilled glass as the backdrop for reminiscing with the people and places near and dear to your heart, or create memories streaming a new tune “I just wanna taste it, Baby, you’re the end of June…” with the sweet juice of our chilled watermelon.

Lemon “liquor of the sun” is made from the Lemon “primofiore” or “first flower” variety, and is grown in Southern Italy. To appreciate Lemon’s outstanding refreshing flavor to its fullest, it should be served on the rocks, ice-cold. Sweetened by the Italian sun with warm summers, mild winters, and mixed with sea breezes from the rugged stretch of coastline. The lemon groves shimmer like yellow gemstones creating a stunning view. Primofiore’s grow so large, sweet, and juicy that you can peel them, and eat them like an orange. The taste of lemon, and the sweetness of sugar, with a hint of bitterness is the perfect drink for lazy days and basking in the sun, or leisurely evenings at dinnertime. Enjoy Primofiore Lemon!

Spirited Apple Orchard’s name was inspired by visits in mid-September to an apple farm in Waverly, Missouri. The sweet aroma of the tree gardens… Jonathan, Golden Delicious, and Jonagold. In our kitchen, the Golden Delicious variety was always reserved for apple pies. The smell of homemade apple pies to this day still evokes feelings of security, comfort, and memories of faded cursive hand writing on an index card. Our Spirited Apple Orchard is the taste of these cherished moments that are worthy of a greeting card, and that is what makes it a true American classic.

Cherry. Cherry Red. That is her name. She was expertly created to be a classic cocktail with a bit of sophistication and a retro vibe…like red leather seating, mahogany tables, or a songstress in a red dress. She’s served as a great old fashioned over a cube of ice. Whether she sets the mood to mingle “So, do you come here often?” or to relax, Cherry is a jazzy tune that will steady you with her deep red hues and turn down the volume on your thoughts. Influences of cocktail lounges and swank parties… but always classy. She will win you over with her Cherry Red taste of yesteryear.

Lake Time Addiction’s name was inspired by a local Missouri band, Dirt Road Addiction, and their song titled “Lake Time”. Let Lake Time’s alluring turquoise color and slightly sweet coconut essence transport you to a perfect 86-degree day on the lake… a sun-soaked feeling of unplugging and lounging while being lulled by lake breezes and lapping water… picturesque views of the last rays of the day, and at night the reckless abandon of an acoustic guitar…feelings of euphoria in being part of an audience, and becoming one with the band. The turquoise drink will have you living in the moment on lake time.

Peach Orchard Recipe No. 5 was the first creation of PVD’s flavored specialty spirits. Scientifically speaking, recipe number five was when the right ingredients aligned. The team considered number five to have the right “mouth flavor”, or as PVD coined “Put the fuzz back on the peach”! Cheers to the win, and capturing the luscious peach flavor! Remember, to take time to treat yourself and celebrate the everyday wins… random acts of kindness, talking and laughing with friends, connect time with family, four legged family members, taking care of yourself, problem solving, breaking routine, gratitude, doing what you love, and most of all celebrate the good in others. That’s celebrating!

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Our distillery is located about an hour east of Kansas City, in Warrensburg, MO.

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